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Mrs  Maitre Mousset

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Let's go to New York City!

Publié le 7 Décembre 2011 par mrs.maitre in New York

Voici à nouveau le même présentateur que celui de la vidéo sur Londres. Il parle toujours très vite, et avec un accent bien prononcé, mais les images devraient vous aider un peu!


Bon visionnage!

N'oubliez pas le questionnaire pour les plus motivés!




Title of the video : « __________________________________ »


New York is divided into _____     ____________

Names: _____________________________________________

Famous places to visit: _____________________________________________


Try and visit a borough other than __________

Examples: __________________________________________________________


It’s very _________ to ______________

In Manhattan, streets go from _______  to ________ and avenues from _______ to ______

You can navigate by ______________ or _________


There is lots to do for ________

It is an _________ city, but there are free things, like: _____________________________

Best thing to do for free: _________________

It takes about 30 minutes and you can see: ___________________________


Here you’ll find some of the world’s most ________   __________

The most famous one is: _________________

Every year, there are about _____________ million visitors.

Its address is _________________ (museum mile)


It’s home to the world’s most famous city centre ___________

Where is it? ______________________

Time needed to explore it: _________________________


If you’re a non-US citizen, you can get ______ off goods in ___________

Street: ____________

Most famous stores: ______________________


There are lots of _______________ to _____________

The three most popular types of food are: __________________________

The best pizzeria is: _____________

The two most famous delis are: ________________________

The specialty in the deli is: _______________________

A cheaper deli is: ____________________


Even though it’s a big city it’s full of ______________

Some villages became famous thanks to series like ____________ or __________________

Name of a village: ________________


There is lots to do __________ _____________

If you like theatre, you can go to ____________. 


Website: _________________________________

Name of the presenter: ___________________________





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